Rent a rack stand in the main hall to accommodate the server and telecommunications equipment size 19". Standard rack depth is 800 mm. Overall height is 42U.

Rack stand is powered by an uninterruptible power supply (online, double-conversion).  3 kW  is available electric power per rack.

Rack Stand Rent + Internet 100 Mbit/s 39000 rub/mon Make an Order
Rack Stand Rent + Internet 500 Mbit/s 49000 rub/mon Make an Order
Rack Stand Rent + Internet 1 Gbit/s 69000 rub/mon Make an Order


  • All taxes are included.
  • Internet traffic is not charged.
  • If the power consumption of the rack is over 3 kW, price will be individual.

Also we may provide other constructs in accordance with the specifications of the client.

A complete list of tariffs for racks rent and channel published here.

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